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October 28, 2006

Don’t Slip On Black Ice

I have listened to Black Ice’s The Death of Willie Lynch and try to get past the fact that spoken word is usually enjoyed as a performance, not as a recording. This talented poet …

October 20, 2006

The Return Of The Count

It’s no secret that Nashville has been breeding talented musicians for the past century. However, it is somewhat surprising to hear a rapper spawn out of mostly country-rock territory. That could be why Dwight Farrell doesn’t sound …

October 16, 2006

Get Elevated With The Elevaters

Filed under: General underground - 16 Oct 2006

The six gentlemen that make up the Los Angeles-based super-funk, super-fresh group, The Elevaters have proven to be more than musicians, but performers as well.

Miles Gregley, lead vocalist, has been known to add his …

October 9, 2006

They Are Heroes in the City of Dope

Zion I and The Grouch release their second collaboration at the end of the month, Heroes in the City of Dope.

Zion I, a group of two members (Zion and I), have an …

October 2, 2006

dead prez And The Outlawz Hit Us Hard, Twice

This political rap duo, and M-1, have been in the underground scene for far too long. Maybe they prefer to only vocalize themselves to a select, loyal audience but Dead Prez have …

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