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August 31, 2006

The Square Egg Wow Audiences With Live Shows

Our reviewer and a few others are raving about hiphop/soul band The Square Egg and their electric live shows. The 10-piece band, led by lead vocalist Lee, combine a healthy dose of hip-hop with jazz, funk, soul and …

August 30, 2006

Talib Kweli Wants You To Open Your “Ear Drum”

Talib Kweli’s putting the finishing touches on his sixth solo album, Ear Drum, due for release later this year (some say October 10th). The set, the first to be released under his new Blacksmith Music imprint …

August 29, 2006

Artist Spotlight: Strange Fruit Project

Upon release of their third album, The Healing, the Strange Fruit Project could finally acquire their well-deserved recognition.

Myth, Myone, and Symbolic One (S1), three dynamite emcee’s, all grew-up in Waco, Texas. S1, producer-extraordinaire, began playing …

August 28, 2006

Mojoe Makes Magic With “classic.ghetto.soul”

MojoeUnderground San Antonio, Texas duo Mojoe independently dropped their debut classic.ghetto.soul years ago and it became so popular it was picked up by Music World/Universal-Fontana and remastered for wide release.

Popular on the local concert circuit …

August 22, 2006

Featured Artist: Randevyn

This southern boy was raised in Newport News, Virginia, where he quickly became synonomous as a choir singer at the family’s church. Trained by his father, Randevyn (pronounced Ran-dev-in) grew determined to blow up as …

August 21, 2006

Rico Pabon Is Louder Than Fiction

Although originally from Queens, New York, Rico Pabon is currently reppin’ the San Francisco Bay Area. Born into a family of Salsa musicians, Rico has been musically influenced from a young age. His aunts and …

August 18, 2006

Artist Spotlight: Living Legends

Living Legends Blog PicThis west coast family of hip hoppers are celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year. Aesop, Luckyiam, The Grouch, Bicasso, Sunspot Jonz, Murs, 3MG, Scarub, and G&E released Legendary Music Volume One …

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