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The Game Announces Pending Retirement

by MWord ·

The Game announces his retirement here. Did he say 3 classic albums?? What happened to artists who were in it for life, for the love, the art? Whatever…

Thanks to complexity for the heads up.


Is Whitney Houston Dating Ray J?

by MWord ·

Everybody seems to think so since the two were spotted Sunday night eating and getting cozy in a Beverly Hills restaurant.

R&B singer Ray J, the barely 25 year-old brother of Brandy, allegedly drove her home in his car after sharing after-dinner drinks at Maestro’s Steakhouse.

Houston, filed for divorce from Bobby Brown last year after 14 years of marriage. hmmm… that would mean she married Brown when Ray J was 11 years old.

The somewhat successful singer is definitely all grown up now, though. According to the Post Chronicle, he is currently embroiled in a sex tape scandal with ex-squeeze Kim Kardashian, who is the daughter of late attorney Robert Kardashian who defended O.J. Simpson.

While Kardashian claims there is no sex tape, the Chronicle quotes Ray J telling the New York Daily News the following: “It’s your typical graphic sex tape.” They also quote him as saying: “there’s a golden shower at the end.”


Rihanna Lets It All Hang Out On The Beach

by MWord ·

RihannaRihanna, who recently performed at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2007, looked sooooooo good frolicking on the beach in her native Barbados…

…we just had to share the video.

The clip shows the 18 year-old chilling on the beach with friends, playing in the water, posing for casual photos and…

…momentarily getting something stuck in her right foot.

Nice bathing suit…

The pop/R&B starlet looks like she should add Sports Illustrated to her growing list of endorsement deals.

She recently signed on as a Cover Girl spokemodel, and hawker of LG Chocolate phones…

…make that money lady.

Also get more Rihanna beach pics here




Thanks to Eon for the video link.


Spike Lee To Direct James Brown Movie

by MWord ·

Director Spike Lee has signed on to helm a movie about James Brown, the late “Godfather of Soul.”

According to Daily Variety, the project will be produced through Viacom Inc.’s Paramount Pictures by Brian Grazer (“A Beautiful Mind”).

Production is slated to begin in 2008.

There has been no word yet on who will portray Brown, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Eddie Murphy was in the running after the surprising performance he put in for Dreamgirls.


New Music: Mos Def “Fake Bonanza” & “Napoleon Dynamite”

by MWord ·

Despite claims that his people are tripping (we agree), Mos Def is scheduled to drop his True Magic on December 29.

Production help on the set (pushed back from a September release due to internet leaking) comes from Pharrell, Minnesota and Preservation. The set features the following two tracks “Fake Bonanza” and “Napoleon Dynamite.”

We find it suprising that an emcee as vocal as Black Dante would only do email interviews to promote his new album. Our experience with email responses are that they’re usually canned and/or warmed over. Perhaps this is his label’s way of censoring his controversial views labeled anti-zionist and anti-homosexual in the past? Hmmmm…. Tell us what you think.


“Fake Bonanza” Windows|Real

“Napoleon Dynamite” Windows|Real

True Magic track listing:

1. True Magic 2:52
2. Undeniable 4:16
3. U R The One 3:58
4. Thug Is A Drug 2:53
5. Crime & Medicine 3:09
6. A Ha 2:36
7. Dollar Day 5:10
8. Napoleon Dynamite 2:00
9. There Is A Way 3:28
10. Sun, Moon, Stars 4:39
11. Murder Of A Teenage Life 3:26
12. Fake Bonanza 4:11
13. Perfect Timing 4:14
14. Lifetime 5:47


10th Annual Mixtape Awards Turns Into A Hot Mess

by MWord ·

What should have been a night of honor turned into a night of anger, fear and general pissed-off-ness when the Justo Awards went wrong.

As previously reported, the 10th Annual Mixtape Awards, held yesterday (Thursday) Luv Bug Starskiat Harlem’s World Famous Apollo Theater, were meant to honor the industry’s hottest mixtape DJs and underground artists as well as its charismatic founder Justo Faison who tragically died in a 2005 car accident.

However, as Allhiphop reports, the crowd wouldn’t even shut up long enough for a moment of silence for Justo as requested by actor/director Bill Duke.

“I loved him like a brother and I came here to give respect to him,” Duke implored. “He deserves one moment.”

When people loudly protested as DJ Clinton Sparks accepted his award for Best Club DJ, hip-hop founding father Luv Bug Starski (pictured) stepped in and put the children in place.

“If you don’t win,” he admonished in rhyme, “suck it up and take it on the chin.”

More pictures from the 10th Annual Mixtape Awards…

Photos: Eon Goddard 


Latest Gossip: Eddie Murphy Dates Edmonds, Denies Scary’s Baby

by MWord ·

Besides promoting his latest appearance in the upcoming blockbuster film Dreamgirls, comic legend Eddie Murphy has been making the rounds in the romance department as well.

Since his divorce from his wife of 12 years, Nicole Mitchell, back in April, Murphy has been… umm… dating everyone from Johnny Gill to Scary Spice.

Now that he claims the baby spice isn’t his, he’s been very public about his new relationship with Babyface’s ex-wife Tracey Edmonds.



Booty-shaking Madness: New Stuff From Ying Yang Twins, Pitbull

by MWord ·

Ying YangIf Ying Yang Twins are your flavor, you’ll be overjoyed to see their brand new booty-shaking video called “Dangerous.” The track comes from their upcoming set Chemically Imbalanced, due in December. The set is produced by Wyclef Jean along with Mr. Collipark and Jerry Wonder, so this should truly be… interesting.

VIDEO: Ying Yang Twins – “Dangerous”

Get more booty-shaking, “lick, lick” action straight from the mouth (tongue hanging out) of Pitbull and his latest “Aye, Chico.” The cutting edge video features said chulo rolling through the Miami streets in a convertible caddy. Ok there’s nothing cutting edge about this… forgive the blatant facetiousness.

VIDEO: Pitbull “Aye, Chico” Windows|Quicktime

BTW, has anyone bothered to tell the Ying Yang Twins they got the Chinese reference wrong?


New Music: Tupac – “Pac’s Life”

by MWord ·


What do you think of the new “Tupac” single, “Pac’s Life” from the upcoming album? The track features T.I. and Ashanti and has been made available by, a site dedicated to keeping Pac’s memory alive.

As previously reported, the set is scheduled for a November release.
AUDIO: “Pac’s Life” feat. T.I. and Ashanti


New Music: Mic Little, Johnta Austin, Sleepy Brown & More

by MWord ·

Mic LittleNew music this week includes Def Jam’s youngest artist Mic Little (13 years old) whom some folks think sounds like vintage Michael Jackson (before the whiteness and weirdness). We agree. This is classic stuff. The track, “Put It In A Letter” was written by Ne-Yo. We’ll definitely be hearing more of this young artist.
AUDIO: Mic Little – “Put It In A Letter” Windows|Real
And speaking of raw, new talent, here’s Johnta Austin with the remix of  of “Turn It Up” featuring Jada Kiss:

AUDIO: Johnta Austin “Turn It Up” featuring Jada Kiss Windows|Real

And in case you still haven’t heard or seen the original, here’s the video featuring Jermaine Dupri.

VIDEO: Johnta Austin “Turn It Up” featuring Jermaine Dupri Windows|Real
Sleepy Brown‘s Mr. Brown dropped this week and you can check out the new single from it called “Till (Your Legs Start Shaking).” You can also hear the whole set from the retro crooner here.

AUDIO: Sleepy Brown – “Till (Your Legs Start Shaking)” Windows|Real
From his upcoming El Mariel, the outspoken Pitbull drops “Ay, Chico,” the follow up to “Bojangles.” The album, inspired by politics and social issues in both the U.S. and Cuba (although you would never know that from this licky-licky club track) will drop October 31 (Halloween).

AUDIO: Pitbull “Ay, Chico” Windows|Quicktime
Due November 7, Cadillac Don and J-Money‘s upcoming album, Look At Me, boasts the track “Peanut Butter & Jelly” featuring Paul Wall and Bun B. It offers the obligatory Casio-sounding keyboard clink and serves as great example of how your guests can steal your own song:

AUDIO: Windows|Quicktime