Rap and R&B News Rap-Up: Ray J, Lil Wayne, Usher

by ksmith ·

Ray J Busted With Drugs – Brandy’s little brother is certainly getting grown. The R&B singer was busted with drugs at a local Washington D.C. hotel The Hyatt Regency. He was busted with marijuana, and a drug called “Boat” which is D.C. slang for PCP.

50 Cent and P. Diddy get Reality ShowsMTV has given the two of the biggest icons in Hip-Hop reality shows, slated for summer and fall releases. While 50′s show is still untitled, it will focus on business skills. Diddy, already famous on MTV for his “Making The Band’ series will be revamping it for the Rock n Roll audience. Stay tuned.

Lil Wayne Sued – Do you know that song, “I Feel Like Dying” from Lil Weezy? Well apparently, he hasn’t paid Karma Ann Swanepoel for her sample. Stolen from a song of hers called “Once,” the folk singer wants what’s due to her.

Usher at #1 on Billboards next week – With a new album called “Here I Stand,” the King of R&B is looking to stand at #1 on the Billboard charts next week. With estimated first-day sales to be around 146,000, it looks like Ush is back on the throne.

R. Kelly BACK against the Wall – It seems that the infamous mole on R. Kelly’s back that has separated him as NOT the guy on the sex tape, has been found on the same exact spot as, the guy on the sex tape. A forensics expert made the claim, while the defense claims that it’s not on the same, exact spot as the Pied Piper. We’ll see how this turns out.

Busta Rhymes Bodyguard Killed Queens – Another one of Busta Rhymes’ bodyguards has been killed in Queens, Jermaine Williams. He was found in the backseat of his SUV with several gunshot wounds. Busta is currently on tour overseas.

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