Police Who Murdered Sean Bell Fully Acquitted

by West ·

 The three detectives who killed Sean Bell were found not guilty on all charges Friday morning. Mr. Bell, an innocent man and father to an infant, celebrated his bachelor party shortly before dying in a hail of 50 police bullets outside a club in Jamaica, Queen hours before the 23 year-old was to be maried.

Many hip-hop artists had previously protested the murders, including Nas who referred to the detectives as “gangsters.”

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NY Newsday: See video of reactions to this verdict

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  1. Mike Belgrove Says:

    We been covering Sean Bell’s case over at Highbrid Nation from the start and when I read today that the police officers were acquitted I was in serious disbelief. An unarmed man was shot 50 times and the people who did it are not responsible at all!? That’s crazy.

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