Innocent College Students Gunned Down In Newark Schoolyard

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New York Daily News:

Cornered by thugs in a desolate Newark schoolyard, four college students kept their cool and sent each other a flurry of text messages that said, in essence – we’ve got to get out of here.

But before they could escape, three of the victims were marched to a wall, forced to kneel – and shot dead, police said yesterday.

The sole survivor, Natasha Aeriel, was in stable condition and under a 24-hour police watch at a Newark hospital after giving cops a sketchy description of Saturday’s slaughter and the five men responsible for the executions. Aeriel had been shot before the other students were slain.

“We’re getting the story piecemeal from her,” Police Director Garry McCarthy said of Aeriel, 19, a junior at Delaware State University. “Based upon witness testimony, we believe it was a robbery.”


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