Snoop Dogg Brings “Horror” To The Hood

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Snoop Dogg is spicing up the horror scene with the soundtrack from the upcoming movie Snoop Dogg’s “Hood Of Horror.” The set, released last month, is the accompaniment to the scream flick set to open April 13.

Here’s two tracks to get your heart racing, Tha Doggfather’s “Welcome To The Hood” and Rainman’s – “Out Here.”


Snoop Dogg – “Welcome To The Hood” – Windows

Rainman – “Out Here” – Windows

Check the tracklist below:

Snoop Dogg – “Welcome To The Hood”
Flii Stylz – “Beaztly”
Al Kapone – “My Dead Homie”
Rainman – “Out Here”
Snoop Dogg feat. Young Walt, Terrace Martin, & Tiffany Foxx – “Shake That Sh**”
The North Mississippi Allstars – “Goin’ Back To Dixie”
Percy Sledge – “24-7-365”
Rednex – “Cotton Eye Joe”
C-Ride feat. Dre – “Get Ghost”
Young Hugg & CJ – “Da Hood”
Ill Bill – “Thousand To M’s”
Flii Stylz feat. Dap – “Clownin’ Out”
Lordikim – “Stay Up”
Cool & Dre feat. Aries Spears & Pooch Hall – “Sod & Quon’s Theme (Dramacydal)”
Al Kapone – “Derelict’s Lair”


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  1. PIMP Says:


  2. bobby356 Says:

    It’s coming out in theaters this May 4, 2007

  3. eddy lewgen Says:

    Its going down May 4th son! You better go see this movie its going to good. Hood Of Horror if full of lots of fun and twists. Go see it and im sure you will agree.


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