Bobby Brown Gets Bailed Out By Radio Show In Return For Co-host Position

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Bobby Brown has been released from jail after paying over $19,000 given to him by a radio station to cover back-owed child support payments.

As previously reported, Washington DC’s Hot 99.5 and its morning personality, Kane, offered Brown a deal he obviously could not refuse.

The station officially addressed the confusion as to where the bail money came from.

“Certain news stories have stated incorrectly that Bobby’s brother fronted his bail,” the radio station stated on their website. “Those stories are false. Hot 99.5 has entered into a binding contract with Bobby Brown.”

As part of the deal, Brown will work on the radio show, possibly as co-host along with Kane. Specific details regarding his position are still being hammered out but Brown could start work as early as next week.

UPDATE: Labeling the hiring of Bobby Brown as “controversial,” Hot 99.5 announced that he’ll start work tomorrow at 5:30 a.m. (we’ve got to see homie wake up this early). Check here for the latest coverage, videos and messages from Bobby himself. Thanks to Chris for the heads up.

10 Responses to “Bobby Brown Gets Bailed Out By Radio Show In Return For Co-host Position”

  1. not Says:

    Bobby Brown can’t get up out of that bed so early. It won’t last.

  2. Sheila G. Says:

    LOL!!!! I’m not in DC but I’ll check the stream online.!! LOL!!

  3. Peanut Gomez Says:

    I’d bet $ he won’t make it to the end of next week.

  4. hubstartercrunk Says:


  5. hubstartercrunk Says:

    trick his own fam didnt bail im out trick

  6. Richard Says:

    How embarassing. I feel sorry for the deadbeat’s kids.

  7. Jack Black Says:

    The entire story was a HOAX. They never bailed out Bobby Brown. They never intended to have Bobby Brown on the show. The dj loser Kane, even goes as far to diss Bobby Brown and have an impersonator on the phone pretending to be Bobby Brown so that it looked like Bobby Brown was backing out. What a loser Kane is.

  8. Marie Says:

    I feel sad that Bobby and Whitney never got the help they needed from the beginning. Until he does now, he won’t be able to do this or anything else. He needs the LOVE of Jesus IN him that he might change; then he can do and be whatever by the power whithin!

  9. Michelle Says:

    The entire story is NOT a hoax..there was no impersonator,that was Bobby on the air.the DJ got the money from Clear Channel which owns the radio station.They have a signed agreement with him and in return he WAS supposed to work at the station for 1 week. HOWEVER as of this am,Bobby has apparently decided NOT to honor his end of the deal
    http://www.hot995.com for a audio of the conversation this am.

  10. Victoria Says:

    I am not surprised at all that BOBBY BROWN BAILED out on the radio station.If he is not MAN ENOUGH to take care of his kids why do they even THINK that he would keep his end of the bargain? Look at his track record. He does not want any help!!!

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