Bobby Brown Gets Child Support Offer From DC Radio Station

by West ·

Jailed Booby Bobby Brown has gotten a child support offer from a radio show; Washington DC’s Hot 99.5.

The radio’s morning guy, Kane, said, “We have $19,150 to give to Bobby Brown to pay for the child support he owes… We’re willing to do this in return for him hanging out with us for a week and helping out with the community.”

On Monday, Brown was ordered to stay in a county jail until he pays $19,000 in late child support and court fees. He remains there as of today.

Claiming the offer was motivated by concern for Brown’s kids as well as publicity purposes, Kane went on to assure, “We’re going to keep an eye on him and put him up in a hotel and treat him like a king… because he is Bobby Brown. We’re going to make sure he stays straight and off of drugs and maybe he can even help us sell some Girl Scout cookies around the metro area.”

Update: Thursday, March 1

As of this update post, we have not been able to confirm with either radio station who made Brown the offer first, however Eight In The Box reports that Rick and Bubba did make Brown an offer as well.

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  2. RnBfan Says:

    Just FYI, this DC station is a day late and a few thousand dollars short. The Rick & Bubba Morning Show which is syndicated on radio stations all across the Southeast have already been in negotiations with Brown’s attorney. They were ironing out the details live on the air at 8am this morning. Just letting you know that the DC station was not responsible for this idea, nor are they likely to steal the deal out from under the real creative people. Give some love to Rick and Bubba because they want to help Bobby turn his life around and rise above the bad decisions and bad influences he has surrounded himself with over the past decade.

    We will see how this thing winds up… I’m betting on Rick and Bubba.

  3. Rick and Bubba Says:

    Please don’t speak for us. We are doing nothing of the sort for Boby brown.

  4. The Army Says:

    This radio station stole the idea from another radio station! The Rick & Bubba Show (rickandbubba.com) out of Birmingham, AL (real big in the south!) came up with the idea first and offered him $27,000 for two weeks- the extra money would have paid his March child support payment. They even had his lawyer on the air! Guess he decided he wanted less work and doesn’t plan on paying his March payment! I don’t think they can arrest him again once he leaves MD and goes back to ATL.

  5. Judy Says:

    How about correcting the article. Since the Birmingham station did have the idea first.
    To comment #3- We know you are NOT Rick and Bubba did not submit that comment.

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  7. nova Says:

    Not to imply his kids aren’t important, but where else could that money have gone?

  8. Stan Says:

    Well, it doesn’t take a rocket science to think of an idea like that and to accuse a huge radio station of stealing some idea from some hick syndicated program is crazy…The DC station got a hold of him and had it set first so tough luck for Bubba and his cousin

  9. Jo of DC Says:

    Um for all of u out there… im from DC, and i dont care who took whoos idea… Bobby is in DC, and thats that. I guess he likes DC more!!!

  10. Jenny Says:

    Hot 99.5 is 99.9% positive they are bailing him out:

  11. horsefly kinzer Says:

    I think he should stay in JAIL, “deadbeat dad” he will take advantage if HE can…no doubt, leave them hanging and smile back to the bank to cash his drug money…Look at his History and prove me wrong. I will take a year off the internet if he turns his live around soon, not five years down the road..he hasn’t hit bottom yet.

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