Rihanna Lets It All Hang Out On The Beach

by MWord ·

RihannaRihanna, who recently performed at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2007, looked sooooooo good frolicking on the beach in her native Barbados…

…we just had to share the video.

The clip shows the 18 year-old chilling on the beach with friends, playing in the water, posing for casual photos and…

…momentarily getting something stuck in her right foot.

Nice bathing suit…

The pop/R&B starlet looks like she should add Sports Illustrated to her growing list of endorsement deals.

She recently signed on as a Cover Girl spokemodel, and hawker of LG Chocolate phones…

…make that money lady.

Also get more Rihanna beach pics here




Thanks to Eon for the video link.

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  1. lyanna Says:

    rihanna is like my idol. i love her soo much. she’s so talented and positive. all of her songs are amazing. and she’s my favorite singer i love her. im 14 yrs old and i admire rihanna so much. i know all that i can know bout her. i reseacrh on her all the time. she’s just a very huge inspiration in my life. THANK YOU RIHANNA FOR THAT. you’re amazing…keep doin your thing and dont let them haters bring you down!

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