Godfather of Soul James Brown Is Dead

by Ife Oshun ·

James BrownLegend among legends and Godfather of Soul, James Brown passed away early Monday, December 25 (Christmas morning). He was 73 years old.

Despite his edgy lifestyle and seemingly neverending decades of performing, Mr. James Brown was truly one of those people whom you expect to live forever, as evidenced by the shock waves traveling around the planet on what to many is the biggest holiday of the year.

At a time when most are usually sleeping “with visions of sugar plums” dancing in their heads, a small army of folks are typing away furiously in an attempt to begin to pay homage to this great man. More is to come. RIP JAMES BROWN.

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  1. hazel Says:

    i was very heart broken when i found out that the best singer of r&b had pass on my prayers go out to the james brown family
    let god bless you
    james brown


    This is Eugene Hideaway Bridges from Houston Texas. I just got the news about Brother James Brown. Im on Tour here in Sydney Australia and it’s early Tuesday morning here as we find out about our brother in the music. when we all wake up later and get the news as a friend called me and told me, it will be a very sad day. James and i workrd a show in Byron Bay Australia when i was here few years ago along with lots of our friends from the USA. James put on a great show. as all my friends from here had a side stage vew, we love his work for somany years. We would set at the hotels and back stage and talk about the old times. and he said to me…”KEEP DOING WHAT YA DOING. IF YOU GOT TO GO OUTSIDE THE US of A TO GET YOUR MUSIC OUT THERE THEN YOU DO IT. SOMETIMES YOU GOT TO JUST BELEIVE IN YOURSELF AND DO IT. I DID WHEN I DID MY LIVE LP. AND YOU DO IT SON” James was around with all the greats and im so happy to had the chance to work with someone from the old school. We will miss you james. your work will speek for itself. sometimes people look at the bad side of life on what you do, but James Brown’s work will out stand it all. Rest my brother. Eugene

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