New Music: Mos Def “Fake Bonanza” & “Napoleon Dynamite”

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Despite claims that his people are tripping (we agree), Mos Def is scheduled to drop his True Magic on December 29.

Production help on the set (pushed back from a September release due to internet leaking) comes from Pharrell, Minnesota and Preservation. The set features the following two tracks “Fake Bonanza” and “Napoleon Dynamite.”

We find it suprising that an emcee as vocal as Black Dante would only do email interviews to promote his new album. Our experience with email responses are that they’re usually canned and/or warmed over. Perhaps this is his label’s way of censoring his controversial views labeled anti-zionist and anti-homosexual in the past? Hmmmm…. Tell us what you think.


“Fake Bonanza” Windows|Real

“Napoleon Dynamite” Windows|Real

True Magic track listing:

1. True Magic 2:52
2. Undeniable 4:16
3. U R The One 3:58
4. Thug Is A Drug 2:53
5. Crime & Medicine 3:09
6. A Ha 2:36
7. Dollar Day 5:10
8. Napoleon Dynamite 2:00
9. There Is A Way 3:28
10. Sun, Moon, Stars 4:39
11. Murder Of A Teenage Life 3:26
12. Fake Bonanza 4:11
13. Perfect Timing 4:14
14. Lifetime 5:47


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  1. Nero Says:

    Dec. 29? Isn’t that a Friday?

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