Akon Talks Tour, Collabo With Whitney Houston And Michael Jackson

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Much too hot to slow down, Akon’s heating up the charts and getting ready to fire up stages around the globe.

His world tour, scheduled to jump off in 2007, will start in Africa, hit Europe and then finally move to the US. Supporting acts have yet to be announced.

Fresh from a retro-flavored appearance on the title track of Gwen Stefani’s latest set, The Sweet Escape, the reigning collaboration king is also working with Whitney Houston on her comeback set.

“I’m working on more uptempo records for her,” he told Billboard.com. “She’s been through a lot and has a dark history. So we’ve got to make the album brighter because she’s come out of the cave now. She wants a celebration. She needs to come back to the old Whitney we remember.”

There is also a rumor that Akon may be working with Michael Jackson.

“Right now that’s in the air,” he added. “I can’t talk about it.”

5 Responses to “Akon Talks Tour, Collabo With Whitney Houston And Michael Jackson”

  1. Emmanuel Says:

    It’d be great to hear a song of Akon with Whitney
    but with MJ is gon’ be sensational.!!!!!!!!
    Akon really has talent
    But Michael needs the Help from other producers Besides Will I am, Akon, Teddy RiLey like:
    Swizz Beatz.
    The Neptunes (Would the coolest)
    Dr. Dre.
    jermanie Dupri(his Brother in law)
    Rich Harrison
    They Could produce him the Right songs for his come-Back

  2. vishnu Says:

    its goood to know t5hat michael jackson will frame teame with akon but akon should insist michael to come and work with him. it would be my blessings to akon if he teams up with the magician singer

  3. shana Says:

    It would be great to see Akon and MJ together on tour.

  4. Kishan_india Says:

    It would be great indeed to hear from michael again, ihv been waiting for his comeback for so long & i am still waiting..
    i think he needs the support of other artists for that…

  5. ayla Says:

    I hope this is all true. I love Michael and Whitney!!! and have been missing them for toooooooo looooonnggg!!!!!!!
    and Akon is doing wonderful right now so he’d be perfect to help them get back “In”!!

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