Nas: “The cops need to be charged the way gangsters are charged.”

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naspubNas, Mos Def, Papoose and other members of the hip-hop music world are raisng their voices against the run of police killings, most notably by the New York Police Department and Atlanta authorities.

Queens native Nas spoke out against the NYPD for its role in the murder of an unarmed groom-to-be on his wedding day last week.

As previously reported, 23 year-old Sean Bell, along with two friends, was leaving his own bachelor party at a Queens strip club, before dieing in a hail of over 50 bullets fired by cops, including one officer who fired 31 shots and reloaded his gun. Bell and his friends were unarmed and apparently not involved in any illegal activity.

Nas said the shooting was “cowardly,” calling it “gangster behavior.”


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