Booty-shaking Madness: New Stuff From Ying Yang Twins, Pitbull

by MWord ·

Ying YangIf Ying Yang Twins are your flavor, you’ll be overjoyed to see their brand new booty-shaking video called “Dangerous.” The track comes from their upcoming set Chemically Imbalanced, due in December. The set is produced by Wyclef Jean along with Mr. Collipark and Jerry Wonder, so this should truly be… interesting.

VIDEO: Ying Yang Twins – “Dangerous”

Get more booty-shaking, “lick, lick” action straight from the mouth (tongue hanging out) of Pitbull and his latest “Aye, Chico.” The cutting edge video features said chulo rolling through the Miami streets in a convertible caddy. Ok there’s nothing cutting edge about this… forgive the blatant facetiousness.

VIDEO: Pitbull “Aye, Chico” Windows|Quicktime

BTW, has anyone bothered to tell the Ying Yang Twins they got the Chinese reference wrong?

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