New Music: Tupac – “Pac’s Life”

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What do you think of the new “Tupac” single, “Pac’s Life” from the upcoming album? The track features T.I. and Ashanti and has been made available by ThugLifeArmy.com, a site dedicated to keeping Pac’s memory alive.

As previously reported, the set is scheduled for a November release.
AUDIO: “Pac’s Life” feat. T.I. and Ashanti

3 Responses to “New Music: Tupac – “Pac’s Life””

  1. David that Don Says:

    i think its ok but not overwhelming. im worried cuz it seems that they gettin closer 2 mixtape level and quality. they seem 2 have a lot of remixed songs on this album, so how much work is left in the vault??? And who has the heart 2 put in true dedication 4 pac. cause loyal 2 the game was ok. the highlight of the album 2 me was “po nigga blues”. they beets aint matched pacs flow and style. so i hope this 1 they do betta in keeping pac’s style.

  2. David tha Don Says:

    im all 4 keeping pac’s legacy alive and completed but lets be real and do it right. how he’d wanna do it. In his STYLE not that flat beat em gave pac on loyal 2 the game. keep the high energy pac with the deep, heartfelt pac. betterdayz did that

  3. drey Says:

    pac’s life is a 7 1/2 out of 10 only because of the remixes. pac’s life remix with snoop should have had at least a different beat to it or a different pac verse to it, but 2 remixes is good enough for an album not 4. the remix with snoop and the remix with ludacris should have been it. the one with keisha cole wasnt all that great to me in my opinion, they could have saved that one for a greatest hits album or remix tape. untoucable and the remix to that gets a pass only because its good to hear all the outlawz on a track, and the original had all of ‘em on it, including tupac. but my fav song on this album would have to be DONT FALL ASLEEP(SLEEP) and untouchable remix with krazie bone. conclusion: i feel that after better days was released, the true spirit of pac’s work was lost, because of the wrong hands its gotten into……..the producers. with the exception of swizz beats, jazze pha, johnny j, and eminem which to me in my opinion did ok on like 4 songs on loyal 2 the game, some producers cant really work pac’s music, even pac was selective of the people and producers he worked with. my opinion, stick to the producers who actually met and spent time with pac and actually know or knew what he wanted and had an ear to, and stick with and only them and if you dont believe me, just look at all the albums that were out when he was alive, and look at their success. then look at the producers and dj’s he worked with. then look at the people on these new albums? then you will be able to see why you should stick to the people who knew him, not the fans that wanted to work with him or just plain fans. STICK TO THE ROOTS! to judge this album to 2004′s loyal to the game, i would have to say, loyal to the game was a bit better, but only a bit better. pac’s life could have been better, also knowing that its the 10 anniversary of his death, they should have spent more time making this one a masterpiece at least.

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