New Music: Mic Little, Johnta Austin, Sleepy Brown & More

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Mic LittleNew music this week includes Def Jam’s youngest artist Mic Little (13 years old) whom some folks think sounds like vintage Michael Jackson (before the whiteness and weirdness). We agree. This is classic stuff. The track, “Put It In A Letter” was written by Ne-Yo. We’ll definitely be hearing more of this young artist.
AUDIO: Mic Little – “Put It In A Letter” Windows|Real
And speaking of raw, new talent, here’s Johnta Austin with the remix of  of “Turn It Up” featuring Jada Kiss:

AUDIO: Johnta Austin “Turn It Up” featuring Jada Kiss Windows|Real

And in case you still haven’t heard or seen the original, here’s the video featuring Jermaine Dupri.

VIDEO: Johnta Austin “Turn It Up” featuring Jermaine Dupri Windows|Real
Sleepy Brown‘s Mr. Brown dropped this week and you can check out the new single from it called “Till (Your Legs Start Shaking).” You can also hear the whole set from the retro crooner here.

AUDIO: Sleepy Brown – “Till (Your Legs Start Shaking)” Windows|Real
From his upcoming El Mariel, the outspoken Pitbull drops “Ay, Chico,” the follow up to “Bojangles.” The album, inspired by politics and social issues in both the U.S. and Cuba (although you would never know that from this licky-licky club track) will drop October 31 (Halloween).

AUDIO: Pitbull “Ay, Chico” Windows|Quicktime
Due November 7, Cadillac Don and J-Money‘s upcoming album, Look At Me, boasts the track “Peanut Butter & Jelly” featuring Paul Wall and Bun B. It offers the obligatory Casio-sounding keyboard clink and serves as great example of how your guests can steal your own song:

AUDIO: Windows|Quicktime




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    thier songs are great…..
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