Natalie Cole Dazzles The Viper Room

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Natalie ColeHRS was in the house last night to witness Natalie Cole close up her four-day gig at Sunset Strip’s infamous Viper Room, where she put on a dazzling performance.

“I consider this a dress rehearsal. Cause we’re hitting the big city tomorrow. That’s right, we’re heading to New York City to be on TV,” the eight-time Grammy Award winner told the audience.

Promoting her 20th studio album, Leavin’, due out later this month, Cole opened up with Fiona Apple’s “Criminal.” The album features cover songs from a variety of artists, including Neil Young, Aretha Franklin, Shelby Lynne, Sting, and Kate Bush.

“The songs on my latest album are cover songs, but I hope we perform like you ain’t never heard them before,” exclaimed Cole.

For Magic Johnson and his wife, Cookie, who were celebrating their wedding anniversary, Cole took it back with her classic hit “Inseparable.” Following up with the only new track on the album, “5 Minutes Away,” she had everyone dancing and singing along within seconds. Rounding up the evening, she gave an encore performance of a mash-up of “This Will Be An Everlasting Love” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Pink Cadillac.”

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  1. Toni Dupont Says:

    Natlie I have known you a long time. Met you through Chaka Khan years ago.I still live here in LasVegas and Betina McKinley sends a hello love you Natlie.

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