Why Music Sucks: Diddy, Justin Timberlake And Paris Hilton

by MWord ·

DiddyDiddy recently talked to MTV about his upcoming album and bragged about how he’s got one up on Justin Timberlake. Supposedly since JT uses “sexy” in the title of his song, P. Diddy sees this as some sort of territorial encroachment.

But I am the king of the sexy, Justin. Let’s not get it twisted.”

He then went on to proclaim, “I represent all of the shower singers out there. I’m not the greatest singer, but I have a lot of emotion in my voice.”

Meanwhile, JT, busy talking smack about Kanye West, also dissed American Idol Taylor Hicks, questioning his sexual orientation and saying he “can’t carry a tune in a bucket.”

Perhaps JT is still on drugs.

Hicks, who has more soul in his left pinky toe than JT has in his whole career, has so far made no comment.

Finally, rap whore producer Scott Storch has hooked up with self-proclaimed singer Paris Hilton for her second album. Although the trust fund baby’s currently promoting her first set, she’s already back in the studio working on her “passion.”

“This is my passion and what I love to do,” she told MTV. “I’ve wanted to do this forever, and now I’ve finally had it finished perfectly how I like it.”

Quote sources: MTV.com 

20 Responses to “Why Music Sucks: Diddy, Justin Timberlake And Paris Hilton”

  1. Allison Says:

    I dont like diddy,JT is OK but is rude,Taylor hicks deserves better and Paris Hilton “can’t carry a tune in a bucket” Paris should stick with her knife and stab Nicole Richie some more.

  2. Jack Long Says:

    Justin Timbersuck is bloody horrible. All that dancing around and pretending to play instruments, who does he think he’s kidding. He needs all that flash to take away from the fact that he completely sucks.

  3. Ryan Murphy Says:

    Justin Timberlake: Is a snobby, arrogant, skinny little nobody. He has no talent whatsoever. He can dance just about as good as the next 13 year old out there. And he whines, moans and complains about literally everything, having worked with Justin in the past, I was actually responsible for editing his screeches, squeeks and cracks, (that is from his singing). If you can listen to an artist, and take all the sounds and insturments and everything that you hear in the background, and just cut it off, and listen to just the artist, you will see how much talent is not out there.

    Paris Hilton: OMG! First off, why, why has she put her horrible voice on the radio and subjected everybody to have to listen to what she thinks is music. She has no claim to fame, and absolutely no talent whatsoever, and apparently she knew it. I’m guessing when she realized how unattractive she actually is, and how little talent she has if any, she opted to try, and I guess create a talent. One which was obviously unsuccessful. She is not pretty, attractive, or even nice to look at. She’s uneducated, and knows how to do nothing other than spend money thats not even her’s. She couldnt run her fathers business if he held her hand the whole way through. She has made a fool of herself by putting and album out. Its horrible, I know. Like I said, I was forced to work with Justin for a few brief hours in the studio covering up his mistakes and cracks in his voice, and making him look better. I am no longer proud of that, I wish I had never worked with him.

  4. Colin Says:

    Justin Timberlake you music is appauling and your last song sounds like a car starting – it’s pathetic and so are you

  5. tj Says:

    justin please dissapear from the face of the world and do the man kind a favour..our ears are bleeding only 13 year old girls who dont know what music is care for ur shit….your ‘music’ sucks!!! MJ/Prince wannabe

  6. timj Says:

    I think everyone needs to grow up and stop talkn S*** about one another, every person is diffr, Justin is rude but what goes up must come down, and I cant wait for him to get a taste of his own medicine. NO comment on diddy either, paris? what has the world come to. None of these people are ” artist” all the talent is studio made, painters are artist, bookwrites are artist, nat king cole was a artist, these guys are a disgrace to music ….

  7. Kretin Says:

    Diddy, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, 50 Cent- they all SUCK, but you can’t fault them. Granted, their lack of talent and class wouldn’t have gotten them past The Gong Show back in the 70′s, but if you’re stupid enough to buy that shit, then they’re smart enough to capitalize from your stupidity. More power to them because they’re rich beyond belief thanks to the morons that buy into that crap…

  8. Chris Says:

    I am currently watching the JT FutureSex/LoveSounds concert on HBO (my GF wanted to see it).

    It is absolutely horrible. Of all of JT’s songs, I think I like 3 – and they are from his first album. I listened to whole FS/LS album just to see what all the fuss was about. I could barely make it through. I forced myself to listen so that I would never have to hear it again. I can’t believe how bad it is – and more than that, I can’t believe that millions of people buy his music. I seriously think that the word ‘sex’ is in the title of the album because ‘sex sells’. It’s funny that this scrawny little chicken-faced nerdy guy thinks he knows what ‘sexy’ is – and thinks that he himself could ever be ‘sexy’.

    It’s not that I hate JT; there are many artists whose music I don’t like, but at least I can respect them as artists. Unfortunately, I can’t say that about JT. He just seems like a rich, fake, spoiled, stage-kid that thinks he can dance, thinks he’s black, think’s he’s important, thinks he’s talented, but his songs and lyrics are just terrible (“come on, let’s give it a whirl…” or “Damn, girl – Damn, girl – Damn, girl – Damn, girl”…) If he’s basing his high opinion of himself on his music, I think it’s time to re-evaluate his opinion. I mean, his voice isn’t even that good. Sure, he can do some runs, but he’s just not a very good singer.

    And he’s not nearly as ‘handsome’ as everyone makes him out to be. He is very average-looking. (Not that ‘looks’ have anything to do with talent, but everyone seems to think this guy is gorgeous).

    Music for the most part is total crap these days. It’s really sad. Speaking of sad, I also forced myself to listen to Paris’ album, and while it’s not *bad* (meaning the production is pretty slick and high-quality), it is simply boring. There is not one hook that you can grab on to, and her singing is just completely empty of any emotion whatsoever. But that’s pretty much what I expected.

    Where the hell is D’Angelo when you need him!?

  9. Sub Says:

    I’m watching JT on HBO, from NYC. Boy does he suck. The faux hip-hop thing, the stupid meandering tunes, the MJ rip off moves and vocalise. Are you kidding America, you like this? That’s some sad ass commentary…..

  10. Anonymouone Says:

    I knew this guy was corny when I saw his “needs to shave” ass back in that boy band. All those choreographed fake ass MJ moves. That whiny little voicebox makes me want to karate chop him in it just for the fuck of it! As soon as he starts to squeak out a line just WHACK!

    Watch him crumble as my ears finally begin healing from all of the bad music I have heard in the past four years or so. First, this fool then Chris Brown flipping all over the damn place. I thought he was a singer and he starts doing acrobatics and shit.

  11. Joe Says:

    Ryan Murphy pretty much said it all. Timberlake is quite possibly the least talented person alive, although Britney, Paris Hilton, and Joey Fatone are in the running as well. I simply don’t get it. He’s not even a decent looking guy, much less sexy. His voice can only be accurately described as “whiny bitch.” Only in America can a worthless douchebag like him become a multi-millionaire. Very sad.

  12. Jill Jackson Says:

    First off, let me say that P Diddy is the worst rapper of all time, he should not be allowed in front of a camera or be allowed to be within 20 feet of a microphone. I’ve listened to rap for the past 10 years, and the only artist / self proclaimed sex icon whose album I have never purchased or ever will, is P Diddy. Diddy is ugly, stupid, unintelligent, arrogant, and skinny. He thinks he’s sexy but he’s not, he thinks he’s a gangster but he is not, oh, and by the way Diddy did grow up in a ghetto, the upper class white suburbia ghetto in Falls Virginia. Some tuff guy.
    I hope he looses everything, his business, his suckass clothing line, and his record deals with companies who sign him out of sympathy. I hope that shyne kicks your ass and kills you when he gets out of jail.
    Paris Hilton….. What can I say?…. Spoiled skinny white trash whore, with money…. She has absolutely no claim to fame, NONE whatsoever other than her daddy Mr. Hilton. Without her daddies money she would be just another white trash whore built like a stork. Paris, jump off a cliff please and rid us of your stupidity your whoreish ways, and your music if that’s what you call it, oh and take your ugly dog with you.

  13. Paris Sights Says:

    Paris Sights…

    I think you could be right, but … still ……

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  15. Joseph Says:

    Justn timberlake is not exceptionally good looking as so many say, and he certainly did not “bring sexy back”. P Diidly isn’t the “king of sexy” either. Just cuz one gets excited about their own sex life doesn’t make them rule sexiness. Only in their own megalomaniacal mind.
    Remember when Madonna got all sexed up in the middle of her career and even put out a “sex” book. It’s like she was suddenly sexually liberated, and had to educate us all about it. Anyone who thinks they own sex should shut the hell up. People have been havin sex since the beginning of time…you didn’t invent anything new you morons..

  16. Mattnificent aka J.A.L. Says:

    P Diddy absolutely SUCKS!!!! He makes hip hop look really bad. WHY is all tha garbage famous!!! There is SOOOO much talent out there. Tha undaground is HOT!! Dey spit sick, and their beats are BLAZIN!! BUT WHY IS ALL THA GARBAGE OUT ON THA RADIO AND ON TV!!! P Diddy is a PERFECT example! He has NO talent! He sucks like a vacuum cleaner!! But yet, his songs are famous! WHY WHY WHY WHY!! Who tha f*** wantz to hear those annoying beats with terrible lyrics!! He looks like a fly, and he has NO talent!! Why is everybody buying and downloading that TERRIBLE sound! P Diddy iz a lil pussy. He getz all his body guards to do all his business. P diddy is HELLA fake! He looks like someone who just happens to be black from a city like Beverely Hills.

    Justin……DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED!!!! He sucks like a vacuum cleaner! He’s trippin all tha way down tha stairs!! He made my ears turn inside out!!! Dat boi has NO TALENT!! Why do so many people like him? F*** HIS TERIBBLE MUSIC!! He’s WACK!! Tha only people that seem to like this idiot are 13 YEAR OLD GIRLS!!

  17. megaman Says:

    diddy sucks ass!and he is so anoying becuz he thinks that he can dance(he cant dace 4 shit)jt isent the best in the biz but he duz have talent (briging sexy back)what a joke like where did it go……..?watch epic movie and see diddy get smacked in the face while he’s trying to dance! rich retard!!!!!!

  18. megaman Says:

    parris hilton is rude untalented boring enoying ugly sluty trailor trash with lots of daddys cash god help us!!!!!
    and her breath smells like penus lol!!

  19. Fordaz Says:

    Diddys really whack ,how he’s so succesful amazes me, oh and he uses lyrics ova n ova again

  20. Fordaz Says:

    Gotta say something else: if it wasnt for biggie he wouldnt be shit , i don’t hate the dude but face it he needs an ass whipping especially for how he treats people eg making the band

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