MTV Bans “Vans” Video From The Pack

by Ife Oshun ·

The PackAccording to Zomba, the “Vans” video from Bay Area hyphy-hype group The Pack has been banned by MTV.

David Bell, Director of Digital Marketing for Zomba Label Group, told me the video channel didn’t approve of the message.

“[They] said the video was basically an ad for Vans,” said Bell.

When the decades old “video” channel asked the teens to cut a new clip and change the name of their song in return for airplay, they refused and basically told the network to step off.

“There are so many more outlets for video exposure right now,” Bell added. “so we are exploring on a much deeper and grassroots level than normal.”

The song, an almost whispered ode to the punk rock footwear, has been blowing up West coast radio. The video shows Nike shoes being thrown away by dreadlocked Black boys on skateboards.

Scandal. Anarchy.

Couldn’t get a comment from MTV, so here’s the banned video.

Photo courtesy Zomba

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33 Responses to “MTV Bans “Vans” Video From The Pack”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    MTV Bans “Vans”…

    So it looks like MTV has decided to keep The Pack’s “Vans” off its playlist, cause it’s a 3-minute long ad for Vans. In other news, I just found out that MTV still plays music videos.

    Via – therapup.blogspot.com…

  2. Lil_Mama Says:

    I think its crazy that MTV is not going to play it. Didnt they play Nelly’s “Air Force Ones” video

  3. Dawnyel Says:

    Ok, so they are gonna ban the Van’s video yet play Nelly’s Air Force Ones and we all know that Run DMC’s My Adidas stayed in heavy rotation so what is the DEAL MTV!!!

    They are WACK!!

  4. The Real Breezalino Says:

    I heard this joint when I was in Florida in December…so for it to have finally made it all the way to MTV is an accomplishment. The song is gonna hit regardless. When all else fails…whats up with BET???

  5. rodney jenkins Says:

    The pack are alright , only person in their that has skills is young l with the producing..all of them are wack..they have no skills..they blew up because too short is one of their uncles. i doubt that they’ll even go gold or even win an award..and wth is up with black people wearing vans just because of the song? weren’t you guys the one hating on vans before?

  6. ieatkittens Says:

    nuf respect to hiphoprnbsoul for exposing this nonsense. read other blogs say they got this info but i they didnt think it was important enuf to share. big up cuz mtv’s been whacked for a long ass time and now everybodys gonna know.

  7. Dana Dane Says:

    Are they Dum!!! that song and video is somthing that people want to hear and that theres a video people wanne see it. Mtv is loseing views by banning this video. I like the video. i saw it on BET’S 106 and Park. If it’s a AD for Vans let it be, why are they worrying about the money they could or could not be making from the vans, just be happy that people wanne see there video on your network.

  8. dicey Says:

    Mtv is apprently uninformed of their own channels cause I’ve seen this video atleast 15 times since on Mtv jams they just bleep out the vans and nike I don’t remember them being so worried when air force ones came out Everyone knows what Packs talking about anyway no one thinks they’re reeboks you know since the songs title is vans and everything

  9. dicey Says:

    My b that was supposed to say ‘since yesterday’

  10. Sharnay Says:

    Personally i feel that it is discrimination…. Is it the fact they reppin the bay or what?? And with the nelly air force ones don’t that strike you as odd that they would play it?? well we still got BET
    Yall suck

  11. Diane Says:

    MTV plays videos? Thats a switch-up. Watching that video really made me want to go out and buy me a pair of vans. It’s a catchy song and a fitting video.. I don’t see the problem in showing it. They freely show videos with practically naked women and excessive drinking but not shoes?

  12. Catasha Says:

    You know why they wont play it? Because it aint for dem people(white people)! It’s true dem boys have no flow but that ain’t why they aint playing it. Everything new has an adversity. Even if tho dem boys aint that talanted, they going platinum with the press they receiving. Remember maddona. I’d rather listen to clay aiken than maddona and that ho got paper!
    Ill holla! OKC

  13. Amanda Says:

    I don’t understand why MTV would ban a video just because it talks about Vans. MTV plays videos that talk about sex, drugs/alcohol, and women, but they can’t play a song about sneakers? They played Nelly’s Air Force One video and Run DMC’s My Addidas. This is just silly.

    Anyways, the song & the video is hot and should be played on MTV, BET and other music channels that play hip-hop.

  14. kfuller Says:

    i love this video but i dont hink it shud be put on mtv anyways. Todays teens are already immitate everything they see on tv why hop on the vans parade. And who ever said that blk kids hate on vans has never lived in the suburbs I started the Vans trend in Conn and i own abour 120 pairs yes i own some of the same prints…but i hate that its so popular now because soon everyone will be biting and then throw them aside like every other fad. Its the lazy girls’ shoe…no laces and super comfy…plz slip em on and ur out. Not to contridict myself too much but when i premiered these at any majorly blk event the reaction wasnt always positive but yeah fuck mtv their shows are lacking luster anyways. Im not gonna shit on the Negro channel(B.E.T) but they lack luster as well but kudos for playing that awesome vid.

  15. SUSieFrOmTheBay Says:

    I was really looking forward for mtv to play the vans video. its been a big hit here out in the bay and with E-40 bringing the hyphy movement i wanna see more of our bay artists exposure. We have alot to offer to the music industry

  16. NaRi Says:

    WWWWen i first herd vans i hoped off the couch and went DUM-DUM-DUM-DUM”.Yoooo daatshit was so hot bee…But anyway i’m from Nj you no so i new it would be off the meters.I’m not ridin the PPPPPack or anything but dat $$!****% washot,well sinin off this is ya boy N.A.R.I peace and chiken grease…..holla

  17. johnny Says:

    The Pack needs to go back to the corprate drawing board. Because this is just a big Vans commerical being portrayed as a rap video. the video being played on bet and not mtv is a insult to Bet and black people in general. even mtv knows a bunch of old white men (corprate) pushed this video on you poor unsuspecting black people to sell his lame skateboard shoes and use our music, we love and listen to everyday to make a profit, to put money and his pocket.If vans want people to buy there corny sneakers. they need to make a real commerical like nike and reebok and stop trying to explote our music.

  18. Tiara Says:

    First off…..anyone who reads this needs to know that that Fucking video rocks! I love the Pack and MTV is just hatin’ BY NOT PLAYING ONE OF THE BEST VIDEO’S EVER

  19. Antoine lovelace Says:


  20. Persian Boiiii from da BAY Says:

    Vans are the shit, truth is, everysince I heard this (few months ago) I went and got two pairs of vans. MTV is just pissed right now, every single video is an advertisement!!!! Ill bet u that they are jus banning the vans video because MTV doesnt want a band from the Bay being #1 on the charts

  21. Dj Says:

    vans is wack anyway and thier shoes are ugly-Fuck Vans

  22. wookie b Says:


  23. baybussunezz Says:

    MTv is dumb stupid n jus cuz dis ima spot wathcin it. The Pack been rockin vans since 03 02. fuck dis a trend lik everything else n shit n mtv points this out as an “advertismetn”
    ya kno wat
    dey jus mad cuz black boys be rockin wat dey think is theirs
    mac dre RIP

  24. fly guy wadsworth Says:

    mtvs the wackest thing ever and so are vans but mtvs on the top 10 wackest things ever

  25. kaylah Says:

    first off all you people that are hating on The Pack, you really need to stop. Because first off, they are doing something that most people couldn’t do. They really are original, they have flow, hyphy, and looks. And they didn’t get it easy because they are related to Too $hort, they worked hard themselves. And if you are hatin` on the Vans. You must stop too because Vans go, and punk rock is in. Its original, sexy, fly, and unique. So you really need to stop hatin` on what the bay is doing. Second, I think MTV should play the damn video.

  26. AliEsha Says:

    well that sucks..like everyone says..did they not play air forces ones..oh shoot look at that..an add..
    if people want to hear it why not play it..its a good song..vans are the hottness so why not celebrate it..MTV..step ya game up..
    and thats why there will forever be BET.

  27. nitaby Says:

    i effin heart this song!!


  28. gaz Says:

    this song is da shit its seriously good, and all u ppl sayin dey ain got skills, need to get urself checked out,MTV need to stop beein prejudice and play da video, and in response to sme prik hu sed wth is up wid black ppl wearin vans jus cos of da song, u say it like they are meant for white ppl, its a punk rock shoe! not a white boy shoe, i be wearin vans and im black, wen this song came out it jus made me buy checkerd ones, they look sick!

  29. lil a Says:

    i thinks its crazy dat they wouldnt play the vans video if i was mtv i would play the packs vans because im a big fan of the pack and thats jus fd up

  30. yomamma Says:

    I can’t believe MTV would ban this video and air the rest of the crap they play. If they’re going to ban something, let it be some of the degrading garbage from some other artists.

  31. 2 HRD 4 THA fkn RADIO Says:


  32. taneisha Says:

    i love your song called in my car love you

  33. dejah boo Says:

    the fact that sum ppl think vans are just for wite kids is so offensive and racist. personally I think they won’t play show the video is cuz the song is by some BLACK boys wit talent and Mtv yall ignorant as fuck cuz yall play other dum shit but not a song about shoes…thats just wrong

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