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Sleepy Brown, Big Boi And Pharrell Chill With “Margarita”

by Ife Oshun ·

Sleepy BrownCheck the new video from Outkast cohort Sleepy Brown. Dude’s got a serious Isaac Hayes vibe, so ladies (and some of you guys) might like this video.

The clip features the Dungeon Family member macking in Spain with Big Boi and Pharrell. The tone’s laid back soul-tinged pop, great for a day by the pool.

Brown, whose dad was a member of 70s soul/funk band Brick, helped produce Outkast’s classics Southernplayalisticaddilacmusic and ATLiens before later performing on their swansong Stankonia. Now signed with Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon label, he maintains his soulful flair.

“I just want to bring that real soulful vibe back to the music,” he said. “And I think we made something that is just different than anything else that people have heard, even though hopefully, it’ll remind them of the records from back in the day.”

Photo courtesy Virgin

Sleepy Brown – “Margarita” feat Big Boi and Pharrell



Del Tha Funky Homosapien “Ain’t Even Concerned With” Rock The Bells Fest

by Ife Oshun ·

Rock The BellsRock The Bells is set to rock California all weekend from August 5 (San Bernadino) to August 6 (Concord).

The 4th annual fest is trying something new this year, running 2 days straight instead of the usual one-day shot. On the bills are mega-stars such as The Wu-Tang Clan, Redman, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Del La Soul, Del The Funky Homosapien and so many more.

I spoke to Del who just returned from a grueling leg of touring and asked him about the upcoming gig. Wanna know what he said?

“You want the real answer or the pc answer?” he asked. “I ain’t even concerned with it really. I actually would rather stay at home with my girl.”

Seriously, though, you have to hear his entire response. And stay tuned for more of my exclusive interview with Del.

In the meantime, tell us what you think about the fest, Del’s performance or Supernatural’s attempt to break the current record for delivering the longest freestyle rap. Along with Lollapalooza this weekend (August 4-6) too, it ought to be a hot weekend.

Audio interview (Quicktime)


R&B Legend Floyd Dixon Dies At 77

by Ife Oshun ·

Floyd DixonR&B legend Floyd Dixon died last week (July 26) at the age of 77 in Los Angeles. An American music pioneer, the self taught pianist helped transform swing into R&B, built the Los Angeles R&B scene and, as the LA Times and Hollywood Reporter point out, helped mold Ray Charles.

From the LA Times: During a tour with Ray Charles, “Dixon encouraged Ray to switch from his suave Nat King Cole approach to a more gospel-inspired delivery” that led to a string of Charles hits, according to an obituary for Alligator Records, which put out Dixon’s 1996 album, “Wake Up And Live!”

“Ray Charles took a lot of my dad’s style, in vocals as well,” Dixon’s son said. The two remained good friends, he added.

You can hear for yourself where Charles patterned his style in the audio links offered by Dallas’ blog. There’s also a great picture of Dixon here. RIP.